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Contraction of breakfast and lunch, usually occurring around the hour of 11 a.m. Typically reserved for snobs and biddies who like tea and jam.
"Muffy, would you care for a bit of brunch after tennis? I can make reservations at the Forsythia Garden Tea House."

"Splendid. Do."
by Skaught April 04, 2004

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A subculture based on conscious, artificial adoption of things that are in widespread use, proven to be acceptable, or otherwise inoffensive. Ultra-conformists.

First featured as a fictional population in the webcomic Templar, Arizona, but normcores are totally real.
Oh, shee-it! You just got gang signed by the worst of 'em! Y'see the slight forward tilt of the chin, and the causal "hey" with the silent H? That means he's NORMCORE. Dangerously regular. Dresses only in T-shirts and jeans, uses slang appropriated from other subcultures, but only 3 years after its first use, an' only after it's been used in a sitcom."
by Skaught March 27, 2009

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Proper noun. Intentional mutilation of the traditional name Scott, though homophonous in some regional varieties of North American English due to the linguistic "cot/caught merger". Typically used by overeducated Anglophiles who have little else to distinguish themselves.
He was Scott when I knew him in elementary school, but now that he's gone to college it's Skaught, and we're all supposed to be like, "Ooooh, you're so interesting and deviant!"
by Skaught January 24, 2008

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adj. Related to glom, extending the sense of "cling or grab" to describe an item or concept that requires unusual effort to grasp. Great mass or unwieldiness is commonly indicated.
I would go down to Pete's Aria for lunch, but I hate trying to muckle onto those great, glommy pizza slices.
by Skaught July 05, 2011

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noun. MMORPG jargon for NPC party members brought along for the sole purpose of healing human-controlled characters. Term originated in Dungeons & Dragons Online, where NPC hirelings are purchased from a store, and an icon for their contract appears in the character's inventory (i.e., in your pocket). Double-clicking the icon summons the pocket cleric to join the party, which he will follow like a stupid puppy, all too eager to apply band-aids to reckless berzerkers and click-mad zergers.
Dude, we got totally smeared on Tempest's Spine last night.

If you had room in the party, you should have taken a pocket cleric!

Yeah, like we want to take a retarded puppy up to fight Sor'jek. At least we might have made it that far, though.
by Skaught October 25, 2010

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