she’s no ordinary girl from the deep blue underworld land or sea she’s got the power if she just believes
cleo is one hot mermaid
by dopecat14 August 9, 2019
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A caring, beautiful person who puts other people before herself.

She can make you smile on the darkest of days,

she's gorgeous and anyone would be lucky to have her.
I'm so lucky to have Cleo, I will never leave her side
by Randomguy@CBC July 1, 2019
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Cleo I just that one badass bitch of a girl who doesn't fuck around with beating around the bush or fake people. she's one of the realist people you will ever meet. Shes honest and bold, but does lack in some confidence unfortunately. she is a short (most likely under 5'0), sim thicc beautiful, golden skinned, Latina with naturally lighter hair who will make your life better for ever. she will always know how to cheer you up with her corny ass jokes and is different than everybody else in a good way. Cleo is unique. if you're ever sad or down, go get a cleo for you!
1. she's fucking hot. what a cleo.
2. thats definitely a cleo. she's so short!
3. cleo is honestly one of the best people I have ever met
by paolavillenueva666 August 7, 2019
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Chief Law Enforcement Officer, or Sheriff. The guy you need to get to sign off on your BATF Form 4 before the the BATF will approve a civilian for legally owning a machinegun or silencer.
My CLEO won't sign off on my Form 4. But, I'll be moving to Colt County in a month and then I'm goning to get me a machine gun because the Colt Co. CLEO will sign-off.
by Ricardovitz May 13, 2009
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the space at the center of the bellybutton.

if there's funk inside of he bellybutton, the cleo can be difficult to spot. that situation is called a missy-cleo.

the cleo smells kind of funky but can be used for many pleasurable things if you read between the lines.
guy- hey, wanna see my cleo?

girl- ew no
by hgfgtbhjknmnyu January 15, 2011
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Cleo is a girl that smiles no matter how lonely she feels inside. She can have her heart broken over and over, but she still loves...too much, it may seem at times. She usually forgives easily, even of the person does not deserve forgiveness. She has a very low self esteem, so she won't accept any compliments. She always hides her emptiness behind a bright smile and tries to help others feel better about themselves, even if she feels like she's worthless...
Oregon: "Wow, that girl forgave me after everything I've done..."

Lisa: "Yeah, and you better not hurt her again, or you'll be dead."

Kevin: "She's definitely a Cleo."
by Nerdy-Teacup-Neko January 7, 2018
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