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A female name. Anyone who has this name is very lucky!

Cleo's are absolutely AWESOME. They are attractive, voluptuous, feminine, sexy, true friends, very out-going and extremely intelligent. Cleo's are sometimes lazy but never careless or arrogant. They are strong-willed, fearless and a confident companion. An absolute goddess. Pure awesomeness.
Her qualities and potential intimidate many She is the sweetest of all creatures. Her name must be Cleo
by theonlygirlintheworld100 June 30, 2011
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hey. she looks really different in school doesnt she? she looks like she doesn't put in effort with her looks isn't it. youre wrong. she just doesnt give a fuck. is there anyone to impress in school? no. shes that 6th grader that turned into a hot bitch when she stepped into the life of 7th grade.

she's passionate, helpful, caring and real. she just a nice straightfoward bitch thats just insensitive to others feelings because she hates beating around the bush! shes an absolute goddess that works towards her long term goals

her flaws is that she gives too much concern and people take her for granted at times. she forgives people that dont derserve to be forgiven because shes just too nice.

She's just the good bad type of girl. She gives you the vibes of a bitch but when you get to know her, shes nice.

Cleo is an absolute Queen of Queens and is truly one of a kind.
Wow. Shes really nice and realistic. Is her name Cleo?
by y3llowd1ver234 May 07, 2018
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Chief Law Enforcement Officer, or Sheriff. The guy you need to get to sign off on your BATF Form 4 before the the BATF will approve a civilian for legally owning a machinegun or silencer.
My CLEO won't sign off on my Form 4. But, I'll be moving to Colt County in a month and then I'm goning to get me a machine gun because the Colt Co. CLEO will sign-off.
by Ricardovitz May 13, 2009
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Cleo is a girl that smiles no matter how lonely she feels inside. She can have her heart broken over and over, but she still loves...too much, it may seem at times. She usually forgives easily, even of the person does not deserve forgiveness. She has a very low self esteem, so she won't accept any compliments. She always hides her emptiness behind a bright smile and tries to help others feel better about themselves, even if she feels like she's worthless...
Oregon: "Wow, that girl forgave me after everything I've done..."

Lisa: "Yeah, and you better not hurt her again, or you'll be dead."

Kevin: "She's definitely a Cleo."
by Nerdy-Teacup-Neko January 06, 2018
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A person who is basically the man. He's pretty athletic and a real flirt. He says cool stuff like "shit was so cash" because he can. People strive to be him. Oh, and his last name is Kontoulas
Friend: Damn Cleo you were seriously spittin some mad game last night.

Cleo: Yeah shit was so cash
by KleoKontoulas September 08, 2010
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