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verb. the act of severely beating someone with an insulin pump.
"benji, if you make one more diabetes joke, i'm funna cled the shit out of you!
by rileymoore July 10, 2008
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The pieces of hair that grow closest to the anus which sometimes collect feces known as dingleberries
The Dingle berries that hung from my cleds were huge.
by Andrew Monda September 26, 2008
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A person who ruins your buzz on a night out (wether it be chemcially assisted or not). A uni-sex term for someone who seems to demand attention but who doesnt return anything to the group dynamic.
Guy 1: Mate anytime I hear her speaking I immediately stop listening. She really is Buzz Killington tonight

Guy2: she is such a Cled!

Guy 1: Total Cled! I dont know if I am longed out or pranged out but I know she is the originator of this fun void we find ourselves in.
by BlackAndy October 25, 2010
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crusty and unshaven
hey did you see that big girl walk by today?
yeah man i bet she was soo cled.
by chewbacca_slayer April 04, 2009
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