an imposter who is very sussy (sus) he has been caught venting in the sussy room (very sussy)
my mom is a sussy imposter
by non sussy crewmate January 21, 2021
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when the imposter sussy😳😳😳
When red is the sussy imposter😳
by Mr Skeld April 18, 2021
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mega sussy imposter omg wtf wtf !!!!
amongus imposter- I jusr farded!!!! lol XD!

red- That was so SUSSY IMPOSTER!!! OMG!!!!
by SUSSY AMOGNSUS April 26, 2021
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Meaning came from the game Among Us.
Sussy means sus which is the word for suspicious. And inside the game there is the character imposter.
- Who should we vote out?
- We should vote out -Xperson- because he is a sussy imposter.
by doritos_are_sus July 29, 2021
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An imposter that is so very sussy that you know they imposter.
Oh you sussy imposter *Violently pisses* you soooooo sussy. *gets stabbed and bleeds out from sussy imposter*
by SussyBakaTimmothyJ June 2, 2021
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So basically if ur being sus and ur an imposter, ur a sussy imposter get it?? HAHAHHAAH SO FUNNY
by ooja ooja April 7, 2021
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Sussy imposter balls are the manufactured balls that are surgically implanted into artificial scrotii of a transgender person or someone who lost their testicles. (possibly rape dwarf related)
The traps in the red light district have sussy imposter balls
Drag Queen sussy imposter balls
Amogus sussy imposter balls
Kanye East got the sussy imposter balls from fortnite

Sussy imposter balls torture (gone sexual)
Candice sussy imposter balls fit in your mouth
by Women Moment May 4, 2021
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