to describe a woman's cleavage, an area that reveals a woman's breats.
look at that trick tryin to be cute wit her cleaveland all out!
by Deelicious March 13, 2005
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Having a one night stand, then taking a shit on your sleeping partner's chest before leaving.
"What happened with that girl you hooked up with last night?"
"She passed out half way through, so I gave her a Cleaveland Steamer and took off"
by montez May 08, 2003
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I cleaveland Steamer is when a man defecates on a woman's chest after some period of intercourse. A variation of this is the "chili dog" which takes the Cleaveland Steamer one step further by "titty fucking" the woman using the feces as lubricant.
I dont have that much gumption; After I gave her the Cleaveland steamer, I couldn't chili dog her without laughing.
by shotgun Wallace April 29, 2004
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The process of hovering over your girlfriend (cause you probably wouldn't wanna marry her.), and dropping Webster (Shit) all over her chest.
She wanted an experience she'd never forget, so I gave her a cleaveland steamer.
by Rex Sterling December 20, 2003
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When a man squats onto a womans chest, taking a dumpand using his buttocks to wipe the dump backwards and forwards whilst making tractor and digger noises.
"I took a cleaveland steamer on her when she slept."
"Didn't the beeping wake her up?"
"I whispered."
by Streakycheese September 08, 2007
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