A class clown is someone that has a huge amount of confidence (but some might just be conceited).They are the ones that make students laugh to get attention. It is class clowns that are well known and sometimes even part of the popular kids. They tend to have a bit of a vendetta against teachers or those of higher authority.
As soon as a teacher leaves the class clowns are the ones who will go berserk
by Acidee August 18, 2011
The most funniest person in the class who often gets in trouble
Class Clown: Alejandro acts stupid all the time in front of the teacher and he has to go to the Dean everytime.
by Amos Nusheg October 9, 2007
The kid who makes u laugh with raw humor is the class cloun
by Steve March 9, 2005
a person who makes jokes in front of the whole class, and makes jokes in center of attention
this nigga is making jokes too far. this nigga is a class clown
by icantdodefinitions September 22, 2018
Johnny was the class clown in my 10th grade class years ago. He ended up shoveling cow shit/ranch hand in Nevada, as a career.
by Joeschmomomo June 20, 2009
those people who think they are funny but actually just use overused jokes that makes most people laugh,
its actually just obnoxious to people who are trying to get work done due to the fact that teachers will usually just tell a lecture and that makes it impossible to work
class clowns are usually the first to get corvid due to the fact that they will do anything and i mean ANYTHING
by someone else thats not u January 12, 2021
The class clown is always the funniest guy in the room. They aren't afraid to take risks. Although, they sometimes deny their position as the comedy queen but deep down they know they're cracking everybody up. The class clown is edgy and like to throw things across the room and be needlessly extra but when someone brings up their outgoing characteristics they act shy and reserved. Once the class clown has enough eyes and attention like they they feel successful and continue to go over the top. They are even loved or hated and many feel like they don't know what to feel.
by comedyqueen101 July 31, 2017