tha wonderful area known to tourists as San Francisco.
Boi..I'm from the city by tha bay..what thizz it?
by baybeeh January 17, 2007
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Student: Man I really botched up that test.

Other Student: Dude, that’s the second test I’ve botched in a row.
Teacher: It’s botch city over here!
by Ec_chugger July 15, 2020
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New York and other cities in the east weren't torn down and started from scratch, they went from woodland to city over time, but were built earlier than cities out west or down south because they had harbors to grow around. They were dense before there were cars (New York, Philly, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and even DC/Baltimore) , while cities like Atlanta and even LA were still small towns in the country (or by the sea). Why would anyone expect Atlanta to develop more like New York on a grid when it was never meant to be, since Atlanta and New York have different histories, as do most cities.
Every city is different. If every city had what every other city had, nobody would travel, since there would be no point.
by Butter Cream Mouse June 23, 2021
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Cities are the plural noun for a City.

A City is a place. So Cities must be many City.

but instead of many City, we say Cities.
"We are going to see lots of CITIES in the upcoming month." Instead of;
"We are going to see lots of CITY in the upcoming month." The city is not proper in this sentence.
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by I'mAMonica! May 01, 2021
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