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Filled with immense joy or delight; ecstatic.

DC Metro area slang that is most comparable to the word stoked.
I was cised when I found out I got my promotion!
by Dayne March 03, 2005
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To be overjoyed or enthusiastic about something (e.g. a hip song, television show, that fly girl on the school bus), but trying to stay cool and aloof rather than show how overjoyed and enthusiastic one is; predominate usage peaks in junior high, ceases altogether by age 15.
Yo, I'm cised about the seventh grade class trip to Kings Dominion!
by D. Thiemann / Wash, DC March 14, 2003
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a word used entirely too much by the 99.1 WHFS Sports Junkies (Radio DJ's in DC)
"I'm cised for the chey whitey rap-off!"
by Drunk Mike July 03, 2003
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I totally agree that this is a word that is used way to much by the whfs sports junkies
I would be cised if they stopped using that fucking word for one day
by Fucking yo mom July 17, 2003
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