To hype and/or overvalue.
"Stop cising Cary Conklin - he was not the best Redskins quarterback."

"You're saying Danielle has a bigger booty than Laquisha? That's a cise!"

"You've been cising Hurricane so much lately that I think I'll try it tonight instead of Ole' E"

by Edward Salwin November 20, 2006
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A word used when asking for something in place of whatever other verb one would use.
Hey you tryin to cise me those chips for a sec?
by Rock Monster February 24, 2005
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an enthusiastic, affirmative reply to

2.verb (used with object)
to give exuberant, affirmative reply to, approval or affirmation

3. interjection
used as an expression of extreme joy, approval, emotion, or pleasure
1. Should we hit up Vegas this weekend? Cise!

2. You think she's pretty hot? Very cise.

3. I just won the lottery. AWE CISE!!!
by BigKazy April 13, 2010
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preCISEly, correct. Used in terse, clipped sentences.
"Hey Marcus, I heard you were banging that Elizabeth chick."
"Cise, b."
by EVXX August 08, 2005
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Filled with immense joy or delight; ecstatic.

DC Metro area slang that is most comparable to the word stoked.
I was cised when I found out I got my promotion!
by Dayne March 03, 2005
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Term used in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area.

1. To overexaggerate something or make it seem more than what it is

2. To do/give somewhat something


1. Son, ya'll be cising it, i don't even sound like that.

1. He aint even all that cute, ya'll needa stop cising his head.

2. Cise me with them chips son, im hungry.

2. Ay I gotta open shot, cise me with the ball.
by KrucialKeys94 August 16, 2008
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