To heighten up a situation or to hype up a persons ego more that. What it really is.
The kids at school were cising the fight because they didn't even do anything.

They were cising Deshaune up in the rap battle even though he sucked.
by kickmovegirl May 12, 2014
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To be overjoyed or enthusiastic about something (e.g. a hip song, television show, that fly girl on the school bus), but trying to stay cool and aloof rather than show how overjoyed and enthusiastic one is; predominate usage peaks in junior high, ceases altogether by age 15.
Yo, I'm cised about the seventh grade class trip to Kings Dominion!
by D. Thiemann / Wash, DC March 14, 2003
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a word used entirely too much by the 99.1 WHFS Sports Junkies (Radio DJ's in DC)
"I'm cised for the chey whitey rap-off!"
by Drunk Mike July 03, 2003
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I totally agree that this is a word that is used way to much by the whfs sports junkies
I would be cised if they stopped using that fucking word for one day
by Fucking yo mom July 17, 2003
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Dope rapper from CYNE.
Straight up illest vocal artist since Hammer. Responsible for multiple deaths by amazement.
Currently working on a Solo album.
Wolves With Flowers?

Yup, new song from Cise Star
by Taim October 17, 2008
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A slang term used to describe a sense of extreme excitement or elation.

Originated in the D.C.-Metro area, specifically from the WJFK radio show "The Junkies".
I am totally butt-cised to go to the concert this weekend!
by Killa KB February 23, 2009
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(noun) the distinction between a cise and a pre-cise is that a pre-cise is the act of cising something BEFORE it actually happens or even exists. Pre-cising can be due to feelings of preconceived excitement, enthusiasm, or thoughts of awesomeness. Exercise caution when pre-cising - you don't want to set you or others up for unnecessary disappointment.
1. "Omgosh. My outfit for this party is gonna actually be so hot. Like suriously, all eyes are going to be on me. I can just see it. Walk in. Stop the party b/c of how much sex I'm gonna ooze."

"Have you actually bought your outfit yet?"


"Stop pre-cising yourself. You're gonna pre-cise a non-existent and could just end up looking like shit."

2. "My baby be the shit."
"Yo baby isn't even born yet. You be pre-cising it."
by djs of c4503 December 31, 2011
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