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To exert a negative attitude or feeling towards someone due to their status in society.
Rasism is what used to divide our country, but now it's all about Classism.
by dadumbdude February 22, 2011

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Referring extreme lack of common sense. Exact opposite of common sense.
man 1: dude, doesn't anyone have common sense anymore?

man 2: yo, everyone is inflicted with that common dense now n days.

also see: soulja boy
by dadumbdude February 12, 2012

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when one is speaking gibberish. everything that is being said has no point or is not making any sense
yo, this bitch was hittin me with that dumbspray again
by dadumbdude January 13, 2010

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the fine line of being inbetween an asshole and a smartass. Typically used to attract a woman.
I had to be snaughty towards this girl to get her to notice me.
by dadumbdude December 03, 2011

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When God has promised you something bigger and then you get cut short
yea, im hung far down but your not cuz you got circumsized
by dadumbdude November 22, 2010

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