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Anticircs are a very vocal and demanding small group that urge parents and others that their child not be circumcised. Keeping the foreskin is very important. It is really a psychological problem with the group. It is a fetish. In religious terms, the foreskin is worshipped.
We read in the internet about the anticirc group that insists that every male should not be circumcised. Well it is a custom in our family. All the male infants are circumcised. The procedure took about fifteen minutes. Each baby's penis was covered with a cream that deadened the feelings. They slept through the minor surgery. We think the plastic surgery is beautiful. The nerves from the excised foreskin are still alive and grow new endings in the shaft, hence they provide new erotic feelings. The glans is enlarged, looking like a mushroom or helmet. It is also pleasurable in sexual activies.
by Ivy League 82 June 06, 2011
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