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He looks tough on the outside, but he's got a soft piece of caramel candy on the inside. The strands of silver in his hair do wonders to compliment his serrated features. His chiselled jaw was made to be the perfect fit for his sculpted nose. No one looks better than him in a pair of trousers, tie, and a dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up. His resting face is dangerously sexy but when he smiles, his eyes smile with his lips, giving him smile lines below his eyes, opening the window to his heart, and welcoming the one he loves. When he's spoken to, his thickly lashed eyes grow bigger and kinder as he listens to what you need to say to him. When he tells you what he truly feels, he'll move his tie to the side, wrinkle his button up shirt, put his perfect hand on his caring heart, breathe deeply and look straight at you, in such a way that you feel one with him and feel the weight of his breath and his deep monotone voice even if he's speaking from miles away on a call with you. He proves his love by always putting you first. That's how you know he's true to you.
I'll always love Sulaiman.
by MTLgyal February 13, 2020
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Briefly, "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which has a lot more beautiful neologism definitions like this you might enjoy.
I felt deep sonder thinking about the all the people who looked up this word along with me.
by rednos January 10, 2013
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Someone who is so caring and forgiving that he’ll ignore his own anger at someone he cares about just to make them happy. He’s a good friend, a sweet person, and a crazy lover. He has beautiful dark eyes with the thickest lashes anyone has ever seen, caramel tan skin, and big strong hands. His hugs are so warm and tight that sometimes it’s forgettable to know how important it is to breathe when someone is living in his hug. He can make someone smile and laugh like crazy and get them so emotional at the same time. He’s the best friend anyone could ever have.
I love Sulaiman.
by SyMafz April 10, 2016
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Sulaiman is an extremely sweet person with a kind heart. He always puts other people before himself and always helps others in need.
He is a huge softy with the most gorgeous light brown eyes, honey tan skin and an amazing body;)
Once you meet him you will love him instantly because his personality is just amazing. A wonderful boyfriend, sweet romantic and is down to earth. There is no one else like him♡

Also a pro at soccer
by Kittybutt29 September 05, 2019
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An excellenct individual, one that uses long and fancy words to sound formal in different situations, people with this name are extremly intelligent, attractive, and beautiful. However, this intelligence is usually used for selfish, morally-questionable acts, Sulaimans are often brutal, and violant, which a top their genuis can become a lethal combination. Don’t be fooled however, Sulaimans are soft creatures, ones with the sweetest of hearts.
I absolutly adore all people named Sulaiman

Sulaiman tried to end the world by unleashing a disastrous explosive device , luckly he decided not to, oh wait never-mind were all going to die
by Thepotatoesman June 04, 2019
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A great man. Such a sweet person and caring. He has the widest smile and the most thicked eyelashes. Have a two strong arm, and caramel tan body and face. A baby faced man. He always pay attention to the one he loved and adores the most. He is the sweetest guy ever alive. Every single women who got to make this man yours are so lucky.

he are my everything.
"I hope Sulaiman was mine,"

"She was lucky to have Sulaiman,"

"Be well, Sulaiman,"
by kyeopallis December 27, 2016
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A sexy man who smells like coffee and cigarettes. He isn't sure if he want to be an actor or a techie. Sometimes he'll wuss out on plans with you but he's still a good friend.
Sulaiman is my number 1 fantasy.
I wish Sulaiman would ask me out.
by Rainchecker22 March 03, 2011
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