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A slang term for rebounds used most commonly in basketball.
"Get the boards! Box out!"
by paspaspas November 18, 2014

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A way of trolling in which you use difficult, long and not commonly known words to confuse or annoy someone.
Dude, I vocab trolled this kid and he had no idea what I was talking about.
by paspaspas November 16, 2014

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Something incrediable either good and/or bad. Can also be shouted at random intervals to produce a sense of excitement.
Guy 1: WOAH! Guy 2 did you see that?!

Guy 2: Yeah man. Ciabatta.

Guy 1: Ciabatta!
by PasPasPas February 06, 2014

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French way of pronouncing Rob.
Bonjour Hrob.
by paspaspas January 14, 2015

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