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Description of someone is obsesses with church and is constantly talking about or going to church
by hehe vb June 20, 2005
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A religious fanatic, usually Christian, but not in the suicidal way. Likely to be idiotic and/or ignorant. Possibly dropped on head several times as a child.
by Ransom June 18, 2003
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A really good nickname for someone with the last name 'Church.' I mean, really good.
You can also spell it 'Churchie.'
"Hey Churchy, get over here"
by Emily Church May 8, 2007
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To not wear the pants in a relationship. To be male but not act like a man. To be sensitive to the needs of females
Hey Cameron are you coming to the rugby?

No, I think I will be a "churchy" and stay home tonight with the little lady.
by GI Cards June 22, 2006
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A person entirely devoted to causes of their religious establishment, bypassing all matters of common sense.
The churchie spent all week in flea infested villages feeding poor children.
by Drenam April 14, 2003
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When you live by a church they are
the church goers that get in your way when you try to get through.
Those darn churchies parked in our drive-way again.
by glitterfied girl April 9, 2008
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Someone that goes to youth group/church.

That simple.
Person1: Those churchies are pretty damn nice.
Person2: Yeah. But they kinda freak me out.
by rarara May 5, 2005
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