an alternative term for labeling someone in a way that will offend them and their sexual orientation.
LOL, oh my gosh he's such a chungy!
by popqr May 29, 2010
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To be chaotic and hungry in nature. Usually associated with bad or bitter attitudes towards those around you as a result. Can be sated and cured with food and food alone. Those who are subject to be Chungy are known for experiencing this attitude at least three times a day.
Katie was very chungy today; she practically ran us over to get to the chicken nuggets.
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by TheRealKidFil June 04, 2018
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A word that means really good at going down on a girl, or I guess in some homoerotic situations, a guy, cause you've either got a fat or magnificently long tongue.
Kayla: Oh.. ohh!! OHH! Will when did you get so chungy?
Will: I'm not sure, I think I've always had a wide tongue.
by whaaaaaaaatwith8a's April 12, 2010
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George: I sure do love eating chungy.
Josh: what's that?
George: male semen.
by CuckΓ© August 24, 2017
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