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Noun. American. 2005

An individual who prefers to pay for legal digital media downloads from sites like iTunes rather than illegally ripping them from P2P networks such as gnutella, Kazaa or bittorrent enabled sites.

Derived from the American slang chump with the addition of the popular "ster" suffix that became a naming convention circa 2001 for online sites in the ubiquitous success of Napster. See Friendster.
"Can you believe my little brother spent $50 on iTunes this month. He's such a total chumpster, its ridiculous."
by Marty March 09, 2005
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A drunk chatter who brags about all the things "he owns" but actually lives out of a dumpster.
"The Drunk Chumpster bragged in the chatroom about 'his irrigation system', "his neighbors' and 'his house" but it actually belongs to someone else."
by monito December 05, 2009
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