its a mix between arrogant and ignorant
Bob: "OMG! Im so gonna win the Nobel prize this year"
Julie: As if, homie. Stop being irrigant!
by Julia Andersson November 25, 2008
To mess with the ground to make the land fertile to grow crops and things of that nature.
I will irrigate this land for farming and crop raising
by Michael April 4, 2005
When someone is deliberately irritating/winding someone up with the intention of causing an argument
Constantly talking during a film

Ged- Guess who she is married to/ Is divorced from/Has split up with/weren't they in that film bla bla bla? Etc...
Jane- I don't care, I have told you before-no talking during film and especially the dialogue- you're so bloody annoying!
Ged- Oh come on I know you love trivia-after all you are a woman!
Jane-Shut the f.... up and stop being so irrigational!
by Aquarius2010 June 25, 2010
Someone who has consumed a large amount of alcohol.
Someone take Johns keys, he's way too irrigated.
by jake montgomery January 21, 2005
The act of a man ejecting sperm from his penis into the top of a woman's vaginal lips. The sperm then runs toward the woman's vagina and goes inside.
Tom: Tonight I am going to irrigate into Lisa.. I hope she won't be preggers!
by froggyman178 December 22, 2010