another word for "you", or can be used when calling someone hot
ex. Boy what chu doin?
ex. Chuuuu you lookin' fine.
by greyyyyyy June 06, 2017
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she wanted to have sex but i told her she need to save her chu first
by sallenb February 16, 2010
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First of all, ignore whatever shit the other people said was the definition of this word....

CHUS is a victory cheer like saying yes really enthusiasticly but 10 times more fierce and all cramming into a tiny little word of awesomeness.... so there you go
CHUS! (screamed as you go zippity down a waterslide)

person 1: that ride was sickkkk!
person 2: hell to the chus, maaaan!
by mrs. bonbeansprout hell chus August 10, 2010
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It's a very common word in Argentinian Spanish. It means “Cute or adorable”, said in a cute way too! It's usually more used with the expression “So cute!” (“¡Más Chu!” in Argentinian slang.)
–My boyfriend made a whole song for me.
–So chu!

–“Mi novio me hizo toda una canción para mí.”

–“¡Más Chu!”
by Nya404 October 18, 2020
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When a French waiter is trying to tell you to enjoy your meal but can't quite get the right word.
You water ma'am ..chu :)
by NJP777 August 16, 2019
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