Abbreviation for 'what do you'...
by a_dry_hen June 22, 2008
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An infamous foot 🦶🏼 that wiggles for its entertainment.
Boy: OMG is that an chu chu baby
Girl: I’m just wiggling my foot stupid!
by The random everything August 10, 2019
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Chu is an acronym meaning: course hooxin up.

it is the act of learning how to hook up with an individual.

If you have hooxed before, you become a CHU instructor, and may teach the CHU meetings/lessons.

CHU can also be used as a verb (CHUed, CHUing) the verb is synonymous to hooxing.

CHU can also be used as a adjective. (CHUer)
ex 1:
Person1: Hey, are you going to the CHU lesson on friday?

Person2: Ya see you there


Person1: OMG! I have amazing news! I CHUed Justin Bieber this weekend!
Person 2: That's great! Can't wait to tell the CHU club, they are going to promote you to an instructor!


Person1: Hey Roberta, out of our CHU club, you are my favourite CHUer!!

Person2: Aww, thanks your mine too!
by CHUgirls April 3, 2011
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the small quiet chinese kid in your class that dances for peanuts.
by chulover69 January 27, 2009
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A children's YouTube channel with weird animations and terrible looks.
Father: so Jimmy, what do you think about Chu Chu TV?

Jimmy: I..I don't wanna talk about it.
by PAINIS IN YOUR ANIS January 5, 2022
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A Ho.
Typically a guy or girl with a bunch of hoes
Look at that chu over there.
Hey look it's Luis the CHU!
by Chuto January 22, 2019
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