Chubby, An chubby or an (person being made fun of for nothing)
Samantha: OMG look at Ethan Yang he is soooo “Chu Chu Baby.
Janelle: ikr
Ethan Yang: Huh? Wdym?
by The random everything April 11, 2020
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What idiots say instead of two.
Yo can you pass me the chu phones over there
by chuster17\ November 13, 2018
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1. an emo nub who obviously has no life

2. an emo nub who brings down others telling them depressing stories.

3. some random kid who no one likes because he's Annoying... >_>
1-2. Xenophone34 is a chu chu nub cuz all he does is tell me stories about how bad his life is.

3. James Walters of FL is a Chu Chu Nub because no one likes him... and because we all think he's gay.
by Super Random Kid 87 July 1, 2007
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where are you or what are you up to?
ed:ey chuck, chu is?
chuck:im at the maddison show, chu is?
ed:im at phill knells house
by rayraytastey March 6, 2009
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A chu is a code word for a vicodin or a percocet.
"Damn, today has been rough, I could sure use a chu right now!"
by jethro1337 August 31, 2015
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