to jerk off a man with chop sticks, then at the finish penetrate his pisshole with a chop stick, and break it off inside his dick!
john loved the idea of a final finish chop suey, untill that crazy bitch broke it off up in him!
by sparco May 5, 2005
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chop suey being an asian food is also to be suggested as a term for asians themselves. Probably taken as an insult if an asian was called one.
"omg fred did you go the dance club in the city on friday night?"
"Did you see all the chop suey's there?!"
by Rosemary March 30, 2005
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The Super Saiyan form of the man of small stature, Chad (negative form). Penis gets 69000 social credits when evolving but only grows one centimeter. Can easily take on Godzilla but gets curbed stomped by Aaron Kyro. By the way, he enjoys eating chop suey and noodles
Timothy Hammond: Chop Suey Chad got no diffed by Aaron Kyro!
Marcus Papanott: Chop Suey Chad kinda strong but trash.
by GlassesPwr March 25, 2022
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The most awesome of all school lunch foods. It is pretty much Ground Beef and Elbow Macaroni mixed together in red sauce. Mmmmmm.
I brought my lunch to school today, but "accidentally" left it in my locker when I found out it was American Chop Suey day!
by TACOpolo January 29, 2009
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The act of packing raw snap peas, red peppers carrots and broccoli heads into a Chinese midgets asshole followed by scalding teriyaki sauce. The midget proceeds to simmer the ass suey in a boiling hot tub, ass up. Once simmered the Chinese midget garnishes with hot sauce that burns the asshole. Hot sauce so flaming the midgets pubes begin set fire around the rim of the asshole, illustrating the flames of a suey eruption. The midget begins to swallow an instantaneous laxative. She then proceeds to defecate to the chopped ass suey to the rim of her asshole as her partner uses chop sticks to dine on the Chinese delight.
After having that Chinese guy perform that Chink Chop Suey on me, I'm never going to screw another black guy again.
by Ginger Tits October 18, 2013
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The act of shitting on someones face, then punching them in the nose/mouth, to the point where it becomes a mess of blood, shit, and teeth.
LaFawnduh wasn't expecting the American Chop Suey she had for dinner last night.
by shfifty five May 16, 2007
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Cheap and tasty chop suey is a phrase yelled out by the fishmonger in Liyue Harbor from Genshin impact, this phrase is repeated indefinitely whilst near the fishmonger.
You: (cooks food at the xingli kitchen)

Fishmonger: "Cheap and tasty chop suey"
by Mr. Coolnivers July 30, 2022
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