If i got my chop stick on me i aint gon fight you. ima shoot you!
by RonRon512 January 7, 2010
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Preformed by an asian boy/man on which he takes a dildo into his ass using his own dick and the dildo as chop sticks to pick stuff up.
Man we have no more chop sticks how will we eat tonight? Dont worry Ive got an idea.....
by matt and devin December 8, 2006
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two wooden sticks that are used for eating food that is usually Asian cusine such sushi, noodles, and much more. Newer ones are even made out of plastic so they can last longer.

I used the chop sticks to pick up the sushi and put it in my mouth.
by madgirl92 February 19, 2009
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The act of a person shoving two penises in their mouth at once.
Did you see Paris Hilton's new porn? She shoves two cocks in her mouth at once, just like fucking Chop Sticks.
by St. Pierre Holland February 27, 2009
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This mostly happens on a accident and it's only on boys. Its a little act of when you squeeze your balls/testicals with your legs. It Happens! (Happened to me once)
Chop Sticks
by bigbadbear9885 February 28, 2010
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Covering someones yard in chopsticks. This includes, but is no limited to scattering chopsticks throughout their yard, sticking chopsticks into their yard, etc.
Dude let's go chop-sticking tonight
by pigeons_are_forever June 23, 2010
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A false impression of facial growth obtained by "chopping" off pubic hair and "sticking" it to ones face.
Nah Monica doesn't really have a moustache, that's a chop-stick!
by Baitos October 28, 2010
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