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Derogatory term popularised in Singapore but commonly used across the wider APAC region. It describes a local, solely Asian woman who usually dresses and behaves in a provocative manner, and who exclusively dates white men.

Fishmongers can usually be spotted in establishments that cater to expat wallets, typically flaunting tight dresses and flashy heels.
The fishmonger regularly catches in her net men with neo-colonial attitudes with receding hairlines from typically financial and insurance backgrounds. The fishmonger’s distinctive giggles signal her mating intent and validate the man’s poor conversational content.

These two groups engage and reinforce each other, thus guaranteeing their mutual long term survival.

It can also be used in the form of an adjective: fishmongery, or a verb: fishmongering, to fishmonger.
Jack went to Ce La Vi last Wednesday and brought home yet another fishmonger.

Look at Trisha’s dress tonight. She looks like an absolute fishmonger.

Dylan ditched us for a cold blooded fishmonger.

Latinos don’t go for fishmongers. They keep it classy.
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by jacklondon555 June 02, 2018
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A shakespearean term for a pimp, one who mongs fish. Appears in the play Hamlet.
You are a fish monger
Hamlet, Act 2 Scene II
by Shivs August 03, 2004
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A dude who often and primarily hangs out with lesbians. The male equivalent of a "fag hag" or "fruit fly."
"Yeah, man, that big dykey chick with the pack of Marlboros rolled up in her sleeve is his best friend. He's totally a fishmonger."
by JB308 April 04, 2008
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a lesbian; especially one who tries to hoard all the pussy in town and refuses to share
Dude1 "So, did you nail those two sluts from sociology class"
Dude2 "Fuck that man. We got back their dorm, and it turned out that the red-head was a real fishmonger"
by moneymatty September 21, 2005
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A midevil time pimp. The original word fishmonger means somebody who sells fish. Also known as pimps. Also, the origin for a group called F.M.A. or fish mongers anonymous.
(1) Those fish monger's from fma be gettin it done with the ladies. (2) If a lady needs protection tell her to hit up the closest fish monger. (3) Damn dog, i've been on my feet all day with the crusades, then have to go home and hear my girl nag. I think i'm gonna talk to a fish monger and have him get a girl to please my ass.
by Kiefer W aka K-fo March 27, 2007
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