Dancehall music is different from reggae. Dancehall is exactly what is says - for dancing, mainly in a club (hall). Dancehall is more of DJ-ing concept, with artistes spinning songs on a certain rhythm, (for example, the Diwali rhythm). Dancehall can be often derogatory, but is generally just a lot of fun.
Well-known dancehall stars:
Sean Paul
Beenie Man
Elephant Man
Buju Banton
Vybz Kartel
Wayne Marshall
Wayne Wonder
Kevin Little
by Anonymous 292323823 May 21, 2005
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new style (rockers) form of reggae, often electronic, with singing over rhythms that many artists also record over. person who sings over riddim is called the DJ, unlike in hip hop where the dj uses turntables.
elephant man new chune, pon di river, mashin it up in di dancehalls world wide...shizza
by bumboclot August 14, 2003
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Dancehall is the best style of music ever appeared on the face of Earth. It is a mix of reggae and hip hop. The musicians record songs over a riddim, made by a producer, as they add something unique to it. Dancehall music is definitely the new hip hop which will take over the world in the new Millenium. It is originated in Jamaica and it is sang in "patois", which is an english slang.
The best ever dancehall singer is definitely SEAN PAUL (KNOWN AS THE DANCEHALL KING)
by D Majers March 14, 2006
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Dancehall is a form of black music made by a bunch of dumb homophobic racists for consumption by a bunch of dumb homophobic racists. Any club night in the UK that specialises in playing dancehall will normally end in either a stabbing or a shooting where a few innocent bystanders get killed.
I ain’t goin to dem dancehall clubs no more..
by Stratostreak December 8, 2006
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A creepy booty popping dance. Your body is portrayed as if going through a seizure.
Lets go dance some dancehall." "Ew, no.
by Rihanna. May 24, 2011
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