1. full of fail.
2. lame beyond all reason.
3. derogatory term for asians.
Vo: Where is the grocery store?
Sophie: Right down the street.
Vo: .... okay, where?
Sophie: On the left.
Vo: I only know how to get there from the right
Sophie: god, you are such a CHOOK!!
by Sophamassica May 17, 2008
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N. A single wrinkle of the ballskin, or scrotum. More common in its plural form, chookies.
Man, this chilly weathers really giving me the chookies!
by Blakito November 05, 2016
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A Canadian streetwear company that makes skateboarding apparel that includes shirts, hats, sweaters etc. Their logo is a diamond shaped boxing ring and their mascot is a skateboarding chef named Chook.
by Robert Hechler June 16, 2015
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when sliced pepperoni has bits of the meat sleeve left around the edges
Dude, this sandwich is nasty, the pepperoni still has chooks
by pepperoni john April 13, 2009
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Chook are the combination of chain and hook.

It is used to express a feeling of happiness
Man, I just nailed my presentation this morning, it was off the Chook!
by Erlingtonsteel January 22, 2020
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A person who jumps in on a conversation that doesn't concern him/her.

The act of jumping in on a conversation, uninvited.

Origin: (Port-Harcourt, Nigeria) from the pidgin phrase "chook your mouth" which means to jump in on a conversation.
Benjamin, stop being a chooks. We didn't ask for your opinion.

Samuel's chooking will soon get him in trouble.
by JohnII January 22, 2020
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