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male or female underwear of any type
"Hey Vato! Look at my new pair of choners."
by Jonner May 14, 2005
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Chick Boner- When a chick reaches a state of sexual arousment so vast that it is as if they have a boner. usually caused by an attractive male (ex: Hugh Jackman) Whilst having a Choner, a girl feels closer to the male gender and can truly understand Male arousment. At this point, sex is a must.
Gorgeous man walks up to girl. he places his hand on her upper thigh. and BAM girl reaches a state of erotic tension.
ex. for use in a sentance. i have a choner, fuck Me like a schoolgirl.
by supa jew April 17, 2009
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a chode boner
when a dick is wider than it is long, its a chode
and the boner of a chode represents a muffin or a can of tuna. also closely represents a pen or a pinky finger.
ron pollak had a choner during class, and he poked people with it because he's a scumbag.
by pollak-hater October 06, 2006
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a chest-boner;
a bone-spur on the sternum (breastbone) that is widely known to be a penis. Can occur in males or females, though is extremely gross in females.

see also chussy.
Don't bump chests, it might hurt your choner.
by Alfredo January 11, 2005
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A small, fat penis when an erection is occured by sexual-intercourse or the sight of a very hot girl.
"Whoa! That girl just gave me a choner."
by Its luna July 29, 2009
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