Anal orifice, esp. that of an attractive female.
After Mike played three consecutive John Mayer CD's, Ashley finally opened up her chocolate box to him.
by Psychobenzaprine August 15, 2007
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A person (male or female) who is not only good-looking, but charming as well.
Girl #1: Did I tell you that Billy left a surprise in my locker?
Girl #2: No, what was it?
Girl #1: A red rose.
Girl #2: No way! That's so sweet!
Girl #1: I know, he's a real chocolate box.
by chocolate box April 20, 2006
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a five-some with four black men and one white woman in the middle.
"did you hear that isabelle got chocolate boxed last night?!"
"yeah, she sure has a bad case of jungle fever."
by dabes May 8, 2012
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1) you're a chocolate box raider when you lick someone's anal out

2) someone who is more than just a complete asshole
"yeah apparently they had sex and then he licked her ass OUT" :o

"have you met billy? he's a total chocolate box raider"
by takeajake69 January 13, 2009
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To use the bathroom only to be surprised to learn you have explosive diarrhea
Al notices Sara is tired, pale and a bit sweaty "You alright Sara?"

"No, I just found a grenade in the chocolate box and think I need to go home... Or at least apologize to the girl who was in the stall next to me!"
by Kaibosh December 20, 2013
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Someone who raids chocolate boxes. ie. someone who likes to pack fudge fudge packer, punch donut-holes, or who is otherwise a leatherclad tail-gunner.
What out Jimmy, here comes uncle chocolate box raider, wanna play trains and tunnels?
by jimmy the peach July 21, 2006
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1. Fecal matter that was once lodged within the vagina of it's creator.
2. "When poo from my poodie-poodie slides down and gets stuck in my box."
husband: I hungy
wife: what for?
husband: chocolate
wife: I have chocolate
husband: what kind do you have?
wife: box chocolate
by boxchocolate March 9, 2017
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