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Chivee will bring a bomb of happiness and laughter into your life. His presence is always a must because he brings life to any place he goes. He has the most banging hair known to mankind. Girls, if you think you have nice hair.. you obviously haven't met a Chivee! He has the eyes of romance and with them he can tell you his feelings without saying a single word. His heart of gold can be taken for granted by some but he will remain loyal to those. He is warm blooded. Girls, if you need that wolf in your life get at a Chivee because you will never suffer during cold days/nights. His hands are as soft as a baby's bottom and his nails are smooth as can be. He is a master of sweets and baking treats. He is an honest lover and any girl that has a slight chance to be his girl should consider herself lucky to the bones! The time spent with him is that of a lifetime. Sorry boys but once a girl kisses the lips of Chivee, that one romantic moment you shared with her in the past is literally six feet underground. A kiss from him will replace a girls first kiss. Yes, it is that amazing of a spark! His lips share his world with you and nothing seems to matter. It could be 2012 and the world could be coming to an end but if you're kissing Chivee, everything would be out of tune from your ears and irrelevant. He makes girls fall in love with his smile and might I add he has a pretty cute booty.

I once knew a Chivee, He is unforgettable.
His hair is banging! He must be a Chivee!
by lady of blind love October 12, 2010
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