When you are insanely hot that even if your guy friends have trouble speaking to you. When looking at Anton, your eyes will begin to slowly melt, requiring immediate intensive medical care. Many have died just from looking at Anton because he is so hot.
Today we mourn, for 28 people died last night because they looked at Anton. Anton is so hot that he is currently being used as a secret weapon by the CIA to take out terrorists without spending any money on ammunition, missiles, or personnel.
by Basic Bitches April 29, 2019
The most flawless man on the planet. Anton is sweet, poetic, athletic, musical, funny, and hot. Best guy you could ever be lucky enough to know. Only idiots talk bad about Anton. Even his flaws are perfect.
Fil: Oh hey did you hear him mess up at practice?
Kira: You're stupid. He's Anton, and flawless.
by Calypso24601 November 15, 2012
Someone who appears Russian but is actually a psychopathic Italian. They usually seek to piss others off and Ave a very curved forehead. They also like sneaking up on people from bushes.
Nathan: Stop it Anton!!
Anton: cyka blyat!!
by FetusDeletus8 May 26, 2018
Constantly asking ‘who farted?’ when it was in fact he who did.
Anton: “Ah ya smell that? Who farted?”
by werdna313 June 28, 2019
sexy mature boy that gets lots of girls and very athletic. Often times anton will be associated with someone more intelligent, hotter and funnier than the people that wish they were him.
Damn look at that guy, he's almost as sexy as anton.

I wanna suck his... oh hi anton.
by justin and darren notanton February 13, 2008
person 1: dud you have a anton
person 2: thanks ;)
by kumia01 February 22, 2020
"Dude, I've got such an anton right now"

"I have so many antons right now"
by pumpkincups March 13, 2014