Yea i made her an LLC when her song wasn’t getting noticed... i’m that famous.”
by iMakeTheTrends August 12, 2018
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LLC(Lec Los Crips) also known as ECLLGC(East Coast Lec Los Gangsta Crips) Are a New England based crips gang, known to commit both violent and non violent crimes such as, drug trafficking, robbery, murder, assault, drug dealing, etc. The colors are blue and or black, commonly worn as a bandana on the head, wrist, or legs,
They're a LLC member
by Mitt Silly June 6, 2020
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Long Loud Clapper - is a fart that last a while , thats loud , and makes a clapping noise
karen: i had a long loud clapping fart today

dan: ooo so u had an LLC
by DK1029 March 17, 2011
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OMG are you a member of the LLC?

OMG have you seen that sexy lawyer? She's a member of the LLC.
I've heard the LLC is quite hard to get into ;)
by IwishIwasintheLLC August 15, 2018
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Little Lightskin Cock! Something commonly found upon mixed race persons.Much smaller version of BBC
Sams LLC is so small he cries every time he sees it
by LLC For The Win September 10, 2020
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