the absolute most delicious food in the world
hey i love quesadillas
by yogabbagabba July 16, 2008
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Melted cheese between two tortillas. Other stuffings are optional, such as chicken. Can also be made by simply folding one tortilla in half.
Man, I took a gravity hit, then ate a huge quesadilla.
by Rusty Shakelford December 23, 2004
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Ejaculating into a girl's mouth in such a way that it looks like a quesadilla with extra cheese.
I gave her a good Quesadilla last night.
by erbzzz69 October 4, 2018
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A dancing bear who lives in the Coilfang realm.
"Did you see how badly Quesadilla outhealed Superstar?"
by Zomg H4x June 11, 2007
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It's what gringos call that yummy mexican treat with melted cheese in a torilla.

Also see "Dilla"
Napoleon, just make yourself a dang quesadilla!

by Casey Young June 27, 2008
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noun in spanish. This is a typical Mexican food thats consists of a tortilla folded in half filled with, compulsorily but not exclusively, cheese of any kind.

It is a word created in composition, combining the words queso (cheese) and tortilla (shortened as "dilla"), so it's clear that cheese is fundamental in this dish.
Person A: what you got there, pal?
Person B: a quesadilla
Person A: bruh, no cheese, no quesadilla. That's just a taco.

Person B: oh! you're right! hahaha
by PotatoesForSale June 3, 2020
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You develop an addiction to quesadillas from inhaling to many quesadillas through your nose. This becomes a very dangerous disease as the disease will worsen as you inhale more quesadillas and eventually will crave quesadillas every second and also develop sinus problems.
I conducted resarch at labs at UCLA and a study I conducted showed that inhaling quesadillas will cause you to develop the disease I call quesadillaitis.
by Dr. Heber September 25, 2010
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