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A person who is half indian and half chinese.

North American chindians usually hear of other chindians but usually have never met another chindian in their life. They've met a half chinese person or a half indian person, but usually never a "chindian".
non-chindian: "yo, my brother's friend's sister's cousin is a chindian."

chindian: "no shit, man, really?? I gotta meet your brother's friend's sister's cousin and see what we have in common. I've never met another chindian in my life, yo. It's my life long dream."
by chindu March 10, 2006
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A person who is a mix Chinese and Indian Heritage
Nick is a chindian because his Dad is chinese and his mom is indian.

Chindian guys are cute.
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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An awesome half Indian and half Chinese person. However, unlike an Indese, this person is more Chindian.
Grat: Although I'm chinese, I think curry is the best thing ever! I could eat it with chopsticks on everyday of the lunar calendar.
Tat: OMG, you are such a Chindian.
Grat: Hell yeah!
by graaaaace January 15, 2010
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Someone who is half chinese and half indian. Common in Malaysia and Singapore. Quite rare in the "western" world, like the UK or the United States.
Chindians are hot and would make the best managers for a convenience store =)
by anonymous8459297 June 25, 2007
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Half chinese and half indian (the taxiedriver kind). Enjoys lax and shrimp salad.
by Shrimpsalad March 31, 2005
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A Chindian is a person who is of both Chinese and Native American descent. Pronounced (Chin-dee-an, a mix of the named groups Chinese & Indian). Due to the lax immigration laws and the abundance of Native American inhabitants, Chindians are most commonly found in large Canadian cities.

Chindians are strange, easygoing group of people.
Hubert: So I'm confused, your name is Rabbit Standingongrass but you're obviously Asian and drive a Honda Civic?

RS: Haha, silly white man. I am Chindian.
Hubert: What the fuck is a Chindian?
by Reynalddelechatilon October 01, 2018
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