Pertaining to the process by which a line is drawn. Contingent to the technology available to a culture or era.
The chimerical process refers to the process in which a line is drawn.
by tomorrowtomorrow January 15, 2019
Amazing or fantastic, special, very cool, or unexpected.
"Making up your own slang form of a language is chimerical."
by Leb February 1, 2004
In french Chimere means "A dream that you can not touch". In Eastern Nigeria Chi means "God" and Mere means "MADE". Chimere means "God Made"
You are a very good "Chimere".

You are "Chimere".
by Seattle's Sexxiest February 3, 2010
Noun - an individual who breaks into a conversation with irrelevant information meant only to satisfy one's need to participate.

See: nuisance, pest, stupid, why are you talking, why are you talking out your ass, pain in the ass, negative stimulus

See also "unwanted remarks"
If pilots Joe and Bob were talking about how to properly land a 747 on wet tarmac, the Chimer, (who works as an accountant) will interject how he or she once took a 747 to Bermuda and the landing was bad.
by Noner November 30, 2004
(1) one who chimes
(2) a loud mouth, often witty person
one more word outta that chimer & i'm gonna break his windpipe!
by kr1st0ph3r May 8, 2006
A simp. The show off type. Always trying to impress hoes. But never gets them
She doesn't like you. You're such a Chimere
by Elder Watson diggs July 14, 2017
A person who constantly "chimes in" during a time when he or she has no business being in the conversation. This typically occurs when a person feels that they are being left out of the topic in discussion. In fear that the conversation will lead to other topics that they know absolutely nothing about, this person will say something everybody already knows to try and make oneself seem relevant to the conversation.
Kyle: "Yo man, I'm gettin' sick of these bitch-ass penalties being called every sunday."

Jason: "No kidding. On the reals, Goodell should be fir-"

Tim (Not only is he pulling an inappropriate chime, but hes cutting off the other person): "They are ruining the game!"

Jason: "No shit you dumbass. Why do you think we are talking about this in the first place? So put those two cents back in your pocket and shut the fuck up!"

Kyle: "Yeah man, you don't even watch football..Goddamn constant chimer."
by TheKidWithKnowledge December 6, 2010