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Noun - an individual who breaks into a conversation with irrelevant information meant only to satisfy one's need to participate.

See: nuisance, pest, stupid, why are you talking, why are you talking out your ass, pain in the ass, negative stimulus

See also "unwanted remarks"
If pilots Joe and Bob were talking about how to properly land a 747 on wet tarmac, the Chimer, (who works as an accountant) will interject how he or she once took a 747 to Bermuda and the landing was bad.
by Noner November 30, 2004
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A lunch break that lasts well over the allowed timeframe with participants not worrying about the consequences.
Pat and I had a who cares lunch today at Hooters.
by Noner December 01, 2004
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When a meeting is taking place and an uninvited person (as they are walking by) interrupts the meeting with their own agenda. Meeting-jackings are a tragic consequence of the Open Door Policy
I was meeting with Cindy in my office about our computer policy and Bob meeting-jacked us to talk about new uniforms.
by noner June 17, 2009
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Verb - To run; to get somewhere fast; to rush, to hurry.

Derived from NES video games where the "B" button allowed the controlled character to run, thus helping the character complete a mission or task such as jumping over wide gaps or running past enemies before being attacked.
If we are going to make the movie, we gotta B-it over there.

Julie's mom came home early so I had to B-it out of her house.
by Noner June 06, 2007
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When a situation takes a turn for the worse.

onomatopoeia Derived from the sound played on television when a person realizes he/she made a mistake or something bad is about to happen.
I had my girlfriend at my apartment and it was whant when my parents stopped by unexpectedly.

I got a flat tire on the way home, whant.
by Noner November 30, 2004
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