when you rock up to meet your friends, at like a club or woteva,
by hugh June 24, 2004
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Small breasts; Traditionally B-cup or lower.
"Mmm...ain't she somethin, dude? Look at her chimes."

"Yeah, she's got a nice ass, but she has chimes-are you sure she's even hit puberty?"
by IttyBittyTittyCommittee90 September 14, 2011
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A verb form of "chimo" (a shortened word for child molester). To be creepy in anyway, not just towards small children. 1. To stop by somewhere in order to creepily check out people you are sexually interested in.
2. looking at people's facebook or myspace photos without their knowledge.
"Jeff, are you chiming in on that one girl on facebook?"

"Alright, Jason, I'm about to go chime in at the gym."
by B103Chimos March 10, 2009
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a graffiti writers term for a tag-name similar to another persons
"yo dawg, gambl is a chime of rambl, only 1 letter difference"

"yeah that gamble guy is chiming me"
by Rayzyn July 11, 2005
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the evil tool of the one nown as.....*looks around* carol meyer....aka THE DEVILLL!!!!!
she will whack u over the head with her windchimes RUNNN!!!
by steve linnard July 15, 2004
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