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A small Jesuit college in Baltimore, MD. *Lots* of pretty girls go here, which is mad sweet for the guys because the ratio is 7 girls to every 3 guys. It is a challenging learning environment which with its name on your resume is certain to get you a sick job (especially if you go to the business school).
"Loyola College was the best four years of my life. I got mad chicks, and then after four years of constant partying, I got a SWEET job in NYC."
by LoCo12 March 14, 2006
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Small Jesuit school in Baltimore, MD. Known for its spacious dorms, fantastic culinary facilities, and a student body which looks like it walked out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue (including the fine looking women).
Don't be fooled though, it is a very challenging school and has high academic standards.
Joe: There's that pimp Drew with his collar popped and flip flops, where's he goin to school?

Tal: Loyola College in Maryland.

Joe: Oh werd hes a smart kid huh? He's gonna get all the chicks down there too.
by NJLoyolaPimp August 29, 2005
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Loyola College in Maryland is a private school unknowing of what high academic standards are. They fool themselves that by paying a tremendously superior price tag they are in fact affording a higher education than the local community college, which they are not. The students here are the retards from local preppy high schools like Gilman and St. Pauls that still think they deserve better than the intellectuals from Dulaney that go to UMD for free. Hey, atleast they dont have to settle for a subpar education infiltrated by African Americans and Hispanics. These students are the scum of Baltimore.
You, since no one that doesnt attend Loyola College would bother looking it up and deciding to read about it. Why didnt I go to Hopkins again? Oh, that's right. I didnt get in.
by Jam Master J. November 22, 2005
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