A very nice guy that loves everyone and definitely won't ask you to do anything indecent if you don't comply.

Also the pioneer of the dubstep subgenre "colour bass" and the founder of Rushdown records.
"Hey guy's it's Chime, SUCK MY DICK (starts beatboxing) NOW (even more beatboxing)"
by SurgicalAsh667 December 19, 2021
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The act of two males slapping their bare penis' together.

Plural. Chiming.
Tom "Hey Andy"
Andy "Alright Tom how's things going?"
Tom "All the better for seeing you, let's chime brother!"
by Funkey_monkey08 May 28, 2013
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A person who will randomly add themselves to your conversation. Can also be used as a verb.
"God, Katie's such a chime"
"Chime out please, Nikki"
by BreathingCompass February 11, 2010
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Saturday night will be "chime"
The way he handled that was "chime"
by Blueorange February 4, 2015
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To suddenly interrupt people while in the midst of conversation, usually pre-meditated.
'I'd chime in with a Haven't you people ever heard of closing the G-d damn door?!'- PANIC AT THE DISCO!
by Kayeman Lanez April 19, 2006
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To invite yourself into a conversation. to chime in, to come in with being invited etc. May be told to chime out, if you chimed in
josh: hi rick
rick; hey slong
josh: what u do on the weekend
*chris runs up and stands inbetween them both and says*
chris: i went on the boat
rick: chime out chris
by Bart September 30, 2003
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<verb> : (1) to reply or interject with retort (2) to speak out
<noun> : (1) a reply, retort or interjection (2) a good idea
dis dumb mudda fugga got a chime fa errrting
by kr1st0ph3r May 8, 2006
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