when you are choppin big chrome blades, done mostly in the south by the likes of paul wall or chamillionaire
what it do son ahhh sheeit that navigator is skatin
by Auneeezy October 11, 2005
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1. Military and/or specifically Marine Corps slang typically meaning one is delegated with a ridiculously easy task or is having an easy day.

2. Missing all of the hard work.
Private first class: "Be glad you weren't here yesterday, they made us clean the porta jons all day long."
Corporal: "yeah I was skatin."

"Sergeant Smith is checking out of the unit, he's skatin today."

"Private Prod has three days off when everyone else is out in the field." (Skatin)
by Derek Mac June 20, 2006
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Bro man that hoe skating on you. She got another nigga.
by m.newell November 24, 2016
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When a woman's oven is usually wet and you put your meat log in her.
Dude, this broad's oven required no preheating. It was like my custard cannon turned into some skatin bacon.
by Rex Thundershock November 9, 2021
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a man who (figuratively) figure skates thru life with no concern for who he skates upon or cuts with his bitch ass skates. He has no loyalties to friends or girlfriends. He also usually rocks a faux hawk
He's just a figure skatin ass nigga, don't get hung up.
by Foofyfoof January 8, 2014
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