5 definitions by Kayeman Lanez

Someone wears the same clothes back to back.
-Eww...is that the same shirt you had on yesterday!
-Yes, it is get away from me rerun.
by Kayeman Lanez April 20, 2006
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A big event in one's life (usually exaggerated) a phrase mostly used by people who've yet to procreate and want to express their amazement on a happening.
Evan: Wow did you see Nick play that touch down?

Harvey: Yea, that's certainly something to tell the kids about.

Evan: Hell yea.
by Kayeman Lanez April 6, 2006
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To suddenly interrupt people while in the midst of conversation, usually pre-meditated.
'I'd chime in with a Haven't you people ever heard of closing the G-d damn door?!'- PANIC AT THE DISCO!
by Kayeman Lanez April 19, 2006
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An expression used after hearing of a spectular event. Comes from the cult movie hit 'Napoleon Dynamite'.
Lisa: So, yesterday I was walking down the hall to my locker when Chad Baker totally asked me to prom.

Joan: Lucky! I can't even get the school geek Jared McPherson to glance at me!
by Kayeman Lanez April 13, 2006
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The poles with red buttons on them destined to tell the stop light a pedestrian is near and for a red light to go into affect. Called so because the button in reality doesn't do anything so you just have to wait for the light to change on it's own and the button tries to take the credit. (Idiot)
Jane: Press the nothing button.

Hellen: Why you know it wont do anything.

Jane: Keep the faith Hellen, keep the faith.
by Kayeman Lanez April 21, 2006
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