when you make a very high pitched fart come out and 15-20 seconds later it smells like a rotten cheese poop soaked oven baked smoked and then soaked for some time longer then heated in the crock pot for a few hours then served to any in the visinty of 30-40 feet. (you may wanna make the funeral arrangements)
Me and my friends are watchin the football game and bill over chimes and we all go "bill what the hell is that" and he goes what i just chimed a little and 16 seconds later hes in the car taking us to the hospital
by chimer July 25, 2010
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chime- brilliant until everything turns very bad in one moment;

it is speculated that "chime" came from chance-time. others believe that it came from the fact that wind chimes look cool but are annoying as soon as it gets windy. its unclear what its actual origin is.
Ice skatin was great untill i made an ass of my self! it was pure chime wen i found out i broke my pelvis!

the cycling was aight dude, till some fuck ran me off the road, and the road ran up my leg, needin 7 stiches.. fuckin chime!
by pickle-weasle May 26, 2007
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A cool guy who probably mains bard, and claims to be better than everyone and its true, because chime is the embodiment of the universe into one man and knows all knowledge and power and should never me taken lightly even in his word. Chime is sexy as fuck just saying.
that dude is a total Chime.
by Klouts A Faggot May 19, 2018
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A person who butts into every conversation or event they can. Chimes are possibly the worst kinds of people but are extremely common, especially among eastern suburbs teenagers
"Nicole was chiming SO hard the other day"
"I'd go but I don't want to chime or anything..."
by mewenker November 21, 2016
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One third of an hour, consisting of twenty minutes or four moments. A convenient period of time in which to complete a small, but involved task.
Take a chime to review yesterday's notes, and another to write a one-page response.
by Sconnie91 January 26, 2018
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