like it ain't buggin
cuz you relaxin
lettin yo droopies feel it deep

you chillaxin?

yeah. iz chillaxin.
letting it hang
movin it round
feelin my jank
iz chillaxin
by YoBates November 30, 2006
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chillin..or relaxin...wich one were you doing????
tommy..said ,he was chillin in the house.. tommy was home relaxin...tommy was chillaxin watching television after finishing up, with those two hot girls..
by t downs February 12, 2009
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chillaxin' is what Zima does and its Zima's word not Ilonas... so take that... MUWAHAH im evil
Zima chillaxin' not Ilona
by Zima May 23, 2004
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To release oneself from inhibition, worry, tension and all stress, to be simultaneously chillin and relaxin.
Trey and I were totaly Chillaxin on the beach!
by BigDawg1013 September 10, 2011
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To both chill out and relax at once. Could possibly reference marijuana use. Originated in South Philly circa 2005.
Oh we just chillaxin', dudes.
by dtron August 13, 2006
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