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When you are tit fucking a girl and you take a dump on her chest to provide lubricant. The resulting penis covered in excrement between her tits resembles a disgusting chili dog.
Sharon wanted to get a little freaky last night, so I went chili dogging.
by Jason Myers January 21, 2004
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When a man or woman wakes their boyfriend or shemale partner up by taking a wet sloppy dump all over their dick.
Example: Craig was tired of his realtionship going no where with his boyfriend so one day he took it upon himself to wake him by making a sloppy mess of his gentalia by unloading his wet, sloppy, hot, and spicy chili pile all over his cock. Craig's Chili masked his cock with a stinky, musky, wretched, arousing, scent. Then Craig's boyfriend Matt awoke and said what the fuck Craig?! What is it Matt aren't you hungry for "Chili Dogs"? Well... I do like me some good ol' fashionable "Chili Dogging" Matt exclaimed.
by ThefriendlyTaco May 03, 2017
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Having sex with a woman when she is on her period. Man, your uptight you should go home and get laid. I would but my girl is on her period and im not into chilidogging.
by p-ro August 07, 2018
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