15 definitions by Kendall

The rapper way of saying that you are way cool
I'm so fly chicks wanna bang me when I drive by
by Kendall February 26, 2005
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it's okay, mrs. landingham, she hasn't gone smokeless.
by Kendall September 6, 2004
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A disturbing type of scatology in which a man defecates between a womans breasts and then procedes to tit fuck using the waste as a lubricant. The penis is the hot dog the shit the chili and of course the breasts are the buns. chili scat shit
I performed a chili dog with this fat chick with huge tits yesterday. How was it? Lets just say the best part of the experience was the smell, well atleast it wasn't my bed.
by Kendall March 8, 2005
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Something that only certain people know about and they talk about it all the time around people who don't know what it is and they have to figure it out.
-Dude that is funga!
-Man funga is da bomb.
-"I hit my head on the side walk today"... oh yeah? What'd funga have to say about it?
by Kendall November 9, 2004
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to unnecessarily crank, crab, be angry or otherwise upset

pook, pooking, pooked
pooked out
after the wedgie, he was pretty pooked out.
by Kendall October 29, 2004
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Something so terribly horrendous it can't possibly be defined using any other word in this or any other language.
by Kendall February 20, 2005
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