The age when clearing browser history and moving your hand up and down (or in and out) are the most common activities. However there isn't anything wrong with them if they wanna do that, it is a natural.
Some Gieser: "These 14 Year Olds need stop wanking off and do something productive with their lives"

Other Bloke: "Fuck up mate when you were 14 years old you probably wanked off every 2 secs and got hard every time you saw a girls skin."
by #1Shagger August 27, 2018
The age where teens become horny young adults. They roam the streets on there bikes and scooters while trying stupid things on the way. They're always in groups of 3,4 or 5. They call people mandoms, they act like they're in gangs but they not.
Hey hear about Alex and his friends, those horny 14 year olds, they've been their bikes all day.
by Crispy sanders April 17, 2019
The pinnacle of all ages a 14-year-old things deeply much as our Lord Jaden Smith. They tweet such beautiful things about the life and I do not understand why I am 14 and this is deep on Reddit does not have any reference in the Bible. 14-year-olds are the most intelligent age of any human.
Guy. I’m 14
Guy 2 14 year old bitch boy kill urself
by NewYorkAsshole January 14, 2020
Kid who has graduated from the hormone hell of being 13 and tries too hard to act like they're older than they actually are. Still tends to be rather immature. Can be found in high school as an annoying freshman.
"I'm 14 and finally in high school so that means I'm super adult now. AM I RIGHT BRUH!"
-Typical 14 year olds
by LeisurelyHeretic December 3, 2015
The age where these little shits enter Twitter and whine about everything. They always think they're right, they have a disability where they say STAN LOONA and spam certain emojis. If your child is 14 abandon them, then take them back when they've matured.
Girl: "I'm a 14 year old now dad."
Dad: "I've packed your bags 15 years ahead of time."
Girl: "At least I was planned.."
Dad: "Yeah now your fatherless."
by Onlineretard September 30, 2021