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orphans, unfortunate ones, founders of the holiday childers family fun day(its ironic because they are orphans)
dude wheres your mom? are you a childers?
by chrischldrs August 12, 2010
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Fledgling vampires, those recently transformed.
A sire can have many childer.
by ShmenP January 23, 2008
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the best person to ever exsist. way cooler than u and is simping for someone way swaggier than u. he only loves courtney and no one else. thankyou.
Girl: omg did you hear courtney and elias childers are dating?
Girl 2: omg yes she’s so lucky!
by theswaggysimp May 17, 2021
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the most amazing person you will ever meet. they are very beautiful in all ways.
callie childers is amazing
by bestayyy May 16, 2021
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Dickie Childers is a code name for a male acting like a stupid, selfish, ignorant asshole.
by MoCheeks April 4, 2018
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