A joke story your friends pull on you, typically starting with you in the bar ending up getting laid with a 'girl'.

For every sentence your friend says, you must end it with "I'm a man" no matter what.
You go to a bar.
"I'm a man."
You get drunk.
"I'm a man."
You find a hot girl.
"I'm a man."
You ask her out to your house.
"I'm a man."
She's in the bedroom.
"I'm a man."
You start to undress her.
"I'm a man."
She leans onto you and says,
"I'm a man."
by mypsace October 12, 2019
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When Spider-Man fans try to rationalize that Spider-Man would beat any other superhero because he is Spider-Man and nothing more, when realistically almost any other superhero would strangle Spider-Man with his own asshole. Similar to "I'm Batman Syndrome" see conman4618
"Spider-Man would totally beat Superman because he can stick to walls!"
"Spider-Man would totally beat Wolverine because he can be strong too!" Obviously suffers from "I'm Spider-Man Syndrome"
by Olillia July 14, 2015
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The Ultimate excuse for everything. Found with the 60's Spider Man Meme. Use as an excuse for EVERYTHING! son, go clean your room. FUCK YOU I'M SPIDER MAN! Go do the dishes. FUCK YOU I'M SPIDER MAN! so on and so forth.
by BariBro1243 November 6, 2014
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A common comment usually written by men in response to seeing a picture/video of an attractive woman. May appear with "explanation" (Quote 1) or alone, expecting readers to understand (Quote 2).
"I'm a simple man, I see boobs- I press like."
"I'm a simple man".
by holyfsm42 June 16, 2017
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I'm a ramblin' man refers to the process of ending a sentence with a flourish, generally after a long, non-sensical rant or after a moment of indecision. it can also be used as a greeting amongst close friends. started in bloomington, indiana, this phrase alludes to Lemon Jelly's song "Ramblin' Man".
"Hey Bob, where do you want to eat tonight?"
"I dunno. I'm a ramblin' man."
by TheLegendOfAbhi February 9, 2010
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A line said from Charles Calvin in Completing The Mission. During the Valiant Hero path, select the Charles option and he will crash the government ship into the rocket screaming, "I'M THE BOLD ACTION MAN!" Unlike all of the other Charles options in Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex, this is the only instance where the Charles option works, rather than resulting in a fail.
"You know what, no. This calls for some bold action.
by jjbean09 October 9, 2020
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