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sexual person but denies it .
Boy : Come Fuck Me Lmfao 😜
Girl : No Ima " Child Of God " 😏
by child_of_god02 November 21, 2016
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Some who is lowkey a freak and thirsty af. They'll often say they wont do something, yet inside, are begging for it so bad.
boy: "I wanna eat you out, and then fuck you so hard"
girl: "nah I'll be all g, I'm a child of god"
Person 1: "Ooh did you see those new girls? I want to do all sorts of things to them"
person 2: "Yea, I heard they're all children of god"
by childofgod__ May 21, 2018
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Some one who never Sins and will do anything for God
Girl: Fuck Me

Child Of God: We have to get married or I’ll go to hell
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by #SoaRLAFD October 06, 2017
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A Phrase Created by Christina she started the trend
It means innocent😇
Him: Your Nastyyyy
Me: Nahhh chill “I’m a child of god”
by LOVECHRISSY12322 February 25, 2018
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