Is known as a Chinese hacker who works for the koreans. he's also known to partner with lmbao
by Communist_comrade/69420 June 4, 2020
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Laughing My Fucking Ass Off..this is the full form of LMFAO....It is used when u r laughing so bad that u might die...
X texts: Gracy fell down from her chair today
U texts: What?LMFAO
by Synot September 13, 2019
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A chinese hacker working for the koreans.
Who is Lmfao? He’s a hacker, a chinese hacker.
by DrillaJ April 25, 2021
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A Chinese hacker, not much is known about him, yet, he is there.
Lmfbao: his brother
Lmao: his sister
Cop: do you know who lmfao is?
Guy: that's a word that means something, not a name
Cop: he's a Chinese hacker, isn't he? You know him?
Guy: no, it stands for "laughing my arse off"
Cop: where's the f?
Guy: it's a swear word, laughing my bloody arse off
Cop: l.m.b.f.a.o, his brother?
by Ageddevistation October 16, 2022
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Lmfao: Verb
Lick my fudge-flavored ass ONICHAN
Me: hey dude
Dude: wut
by WatZ_Oop November 22, 2019
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A word people text with a straight face -__-
people will just have a blank face on looking like this -_- . Hey I saw a unicorn fucking a smurf ... *person texts* lmfaooo -_-
by Itsallogornow January 8, 2015
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Means laughing My F****ing ass off
Lmfao that was funny
by 434231 October 3, 2009
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