A small dog originally bred in central America as food.
by Ziod January 26, 2004
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(n.) A small breed of dog originating from Mexico with low intellectual abilities, usually eaten by larger dogs.

(adj.) being smaller in size than average.

(intj.) Used to express surprise, usually at unexpectedly small stature or size.
(n.) I just kicked that chihuahua down the street.

(adj.) He has a chihuahua penis.

(intj.) Chihuahua! Those are tiny titties!
by nixstyx January 29, 2006
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A male homosexual who is more feminine in nature. Often walks around in a pack of chihuahuas with small purses and skinny jeans. Infamous for being bottoms, they often go out at night in search of prey but will settle for their own type if need be. Always have limp wrists and the standard lisp.
Look at the way Brandon and Larry act. They are such chihuahuas!!
by gotcha1123 April 06, 2009
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(n.) A person who demonstrates the characteristics of the breed of small dogs known as chihuahuas: a lot of barking and nipping at the ankles of others, with little bite for defense. One who criticizes others harshly and needlessly and with great gusto in order to feel falsely superior.
Nikki: The new secretary really needs some breath mints and maybe a comb for that hair!
Margie: Geez, Nikki. You're such a chihuahua. Give the woman a break, would you?
by word collector August 26, 2007
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Annoying, small, and disgusting thing. It's supposed to be a dog, but it's more like a big rat. Long haired chihuahua's look like giant hairballs
Girl-"That would be my chihuahua!!"
by melons122 July 11, 2011
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Chihuahua girl. They are small and annoying. Aka CGDGAFG. Often promises of high things but never delivers.
Chihuahua girl is short.
by mauicar February 12, 2010
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Pronunciation: (chi hoo-uh hoo-uh)
An engandgered mold known for it's ability to move and speak an intense dialect of Spanish.
Frequently collared and walked, all that is known about these mysterious plants is their pronunciation.
"After the drugs set in, I saw chihuahuas everywhere."
"There is a chihuahua on your face, Ms. Veracruz."
by Philip Marlowe November 27, 2005
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